“ Principals strongly shape the conditions for high-quality teaching”

(Miller, W. 2015)

ILEI’s content design is based upon the educational contexts of México and Illinois; in addition to the widely recognized model of the UIC Ed.D. Program in Urban Education Leadership.

Sessions 1 & 2

1. Theory of Principal impact on School

    Key problems of practice

                A. Teachers

                B. Students

                          - Academic

                          - Socio-emotional

                C. Families

Sessions 3 y 4

2. Organizational leadership

    Key problems of practice

                A. Culture & climate

                B. Continuous improvement

                C. Developing teacher teams &                        teacher leaders.


Sessions 5

“Leadership is second only to teaching among school-related influences on student success. Its impact is higher in schools with the greatest needs. Principals strongly shape the conditions for high-quality teaching. They are the prime factor in determining whether teachers stay in high-needs schools” (Miller, W. 2015).


The purpose of ILEI is to provide an international context, space and time for principals from Mexico and Illinois to share reflections and learning experiences to enrich their professional and personal lives.

The ILEI integrate three kinds of experiences:

  1. Leadership development for school leaders to improve school culture, climate and learning.

  2. Cultural exposure to contemporary art, science and history at: Museo Marco, Museo del Acero and Museo of Historia Mexicana.

  3. Sight seeing experiences in Monterrey.  Carefully selected tourism visits to give the participants a full understanding about the uniqueness of Monterrey.

  • 20 hours of leadership content.

  • 8 hours of Art, Science and Mexico’s History.

  • 10 hours for touristic experiences.

The time frame of ILEI is one week. During this time the participant will be exposed to:

    Museo del Noreste                               Museo Marco                         Museo del Acero                Museo de Historia

The speakers are School Principals with a doctorate in Urban Education Leadership form UIC.  In addition to their active participation in the presentation of the topics, the speakers will serve as moderators during the discussion panels about school leadership best practices. The discussion panels will be held with the participation of both Mexico and Illinois principals that attend the program.

EDUX In collaboration with UIC

Steve Tozer, Ph. D.

Founder Coordinator of the UIC
Ed. D Urban Education
Leadership program



Margarita Ramos, Ph. D.

Founder and Director of EDUX






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