Parenting a child who has been sexually abused

Purpose: Provide parents of children who have been sexually abused tools. The strategies and concepts included could improve the results in children by having parents strengthened with the appropriate tools for sexually abused children.


  • Communicating and connecting with parents. 

  • What is child sexual abuse?

  • What are the behaviours or signals that can be observed when a child has been sexually abused? 

  • Are sexually abused children affected in the same way? 

  • How can we help parents get through this? 

  • Is a full recovery achieved eventually? 

Safe parents, safe children

Purpose: Provide awareness that in order to be better parents they need to be more conscious of who we are - how we feel - thinks and act. This is the most important component in parenting. Our children depend on us to survive and they are connected to our emotions. Show you children how humans adapt, survive and are good in nature. This workshop includes strategies that will benefit our children's well-being. 

Developmentally appropriate parenting 

Purpose: Strengthen parenting based on the premise that each children learns at his development level considering individual and contextual differences. 

Possitive parenting 

Purpose: Communicate parents the importance of having a parenting style based on empathy, communication with their children and understanding that thier actions are according to age, avoiding a simple parenting style and barely thinking about it. 

Your children´s self-esteem starts with your self-esteem

Purpose: Create awareness in parents that children depend on their parents for survival, and that their are in sync with their emotions. The calmer and more compassionate parents are in their reactions to our children. The more resilient they will be in managing thier emotions. 



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